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Onboarding at KCTCS is an initiative targeting new employees, which seeks to help them perform more effectively in their jobs, with a closer connection to KCTCS' unique culture and way of doing things. Beyond the traditional new employee orientation the onboarding program will include a series of trainings and shared information over an employee's first year, aiming to bring the newest employees up to speed efficiently at KCTCS.

This KCTCS Employee Onboarding introduction training will provide an overview of helpful and "need to know" information as you begin your career with KCTCS.


  1. Recognize key benefits provided by KCTCS
  2. Find KCTCS web tools and resources
  3. Locate and identify policy information
  4. Utilize the KCTCS Intranet System resource

To successfully complete this training and access the certificate, you will need to earn an 80% on assessments.  

We hope to help you "find your path" at KCTCS!

Helping you Find Your Path . . .

The Pathfinder Story

KCTCS Pathfinder Fox The old ones speak of the Pathfinder as a traveler of great wisdom and curiosity. They say he is a seeker, a giver of truth and a source of strength. His pioneer spirit runs through the blood of every Kentuckian and his timeless presence continues to guide and pave the way for any traveler journeying to new and unfamiliar destinations.

The Pathfinder has seen many changes over the decades. The challenges facing the travelers he seeks to guide today are vastly different than those of the early settlers who came to this great land to seek fortune and a new way of life. While these explorers have the same goals as their forefathers, they face a very different journey…one requiring education and training. With the Pathfinder's assistance they are able to focus on an educational destination, find a clear path to a degree or credential and have the confidence, endurance and strength needed to complete their journey.

KCTCS Overview

KCTCS has 16 colleges located on more than 70 campuses across the state.


KCTCS Strategic Plan

Why we do what we do?

KCTCS Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Values


How your role/work fits in

How your role fits in

The Path to   . . . paperwork

Could be paper or online - Did you complete these yet?


The Path to . . .   Mandatory trainings

All KCTCS employees are required to complete annual awareness and prevention training as a condition of employment. In an effort to maintain an environment free of discrimination and harassment, mandatory trainings on these topics along with specific policy review and acknowledgment are required.

As a new hire you will receive an email directing you to complete these trainings within the first few days of employment. Additional trainings may be required depending on your status (i.e. Maintenance will have OSHA related trainings as part of their required training package). You can find your required trainings at https://mypath.kctcs.edu under the Compliance button.    

Your compliance page will list your trainings, your progress, completion dates, etc.  

Please be aware that your mandatory trainings will have a firm deadline listed on your page and will be noted on the communications to you. Employees who fail to complete the training/retraining will be subject to disciplinary action possibly including termination of employment without notice or warning.


The Path to Your Perks . . . Time Off Benefits

Holiday Schedule

Holidays KCTCS has designated specific days as official recurring holidays. Eligible employees are entitled to take these days off with pay. In some instances, however, it may be required that "essential personnel" report to work on these days, especially in departments and offices in which continuous and essential services are required. Below is a list of designated holidays:


Institutional Closing

Emergency Closing


Vacation and Sick Leave

Staff and Faculty accrue vacation and sick leave differently. These differences are explained below.

Staff Vacation Leave

Staff Vacation

Faculty Vacation

Staff Temporary Disability (Sick) Leave

Faculty Temporary Disability (Sick) Leave


The Path to More Perks . . . Health Benefits

Health Benefits Health Care Flexible Spending Account

Retirement Benefits

*Supplemental Retirement plan are available to employees.

Dental and Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Dental Insurance

Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Employee Assistance Program   (EAP)  

Help with personal needs or issues so you can get your work done

Tuition Waiver

Discount Program


KCTCS Discount Program

Discounts and incentives are available to KCTCS employees from a variety of vendors, parks and zoos.



A Different Path...Where to find Info

KCTCS Intranet


KCTCS Intranet Screenshot  

My Path

MyPath is available to all employees and current students. This site provides a collection of links to all the enterprise systems and services in one location. Based on your role you will get personalized messaging for each of the systems and for many of the systems they are Single Sign-On enabled! This means by selecting the tile for that system you will be taken to that system already signed in! This is a major first step towards simplifying your digital workplace experience.

My Path launh page

KCTCS Policies

intranet policies


The Path to you (well, your personal information)

KCTCS Peoplesoft

Peoplesoft login screen

Your landing page for access to your personal contact information, your PPE (review) document for staff, benefits (for open enrollment purposes), and importantly payroll information.

Employment Self Service screen

Under Payroll, you will find important links to: report absences, check your vacation and sick balances, review tax information, and setup direct deposit.

Payroll options in self service


Online Scavenger Hunt

KCTCS Intranet - https://employees.kctcs.edu


The Path to...Learning the Technology

TLC - Training and Learning Center Self Help​  

Easily accessed from Intranet -https://kctcs.sharepoint.com/sites/tlc/Pages/Home.aspx

TLC screenshot One stop shop for Technology support - including:


The Path to...Payday!!

Payroll Information

Non exempt employees will find their timesheets on their PeopleSoft Self Service home page. The Payroll tab will provide you access to your timesheet, leave accruals, tax information, direct deposit, paychecks, etc.

Non exempt employees will enter their absence requests on their timesheet entries.

Exempt employees will have enter absence requests under the Payroll tab.  


The Path to... Professional Development

(OPDI) Office for Professional Development and Innovation

OPDI logo The Office for Professional Development and Innovation (OPDI) has been charged with coordinating an enterprise approach for training and professional development on KCTCS system level topics enterprise-wide

Sample Offerings:

Sessions are offered throughout the year. Watch your email for registration information.


Planning Your Path . . . Your Performance Review Performance Planning Evaluation (PPE)

Staying on Path . . . Attendance/Work Hours

Time to work Work Schedule = 37.5 hours a week distributed over 5 consecutive work days

Meal Periods and Rest Periods will be discussed with you by your supervisor and/or your Human Resources department.  

KCTCS Administrative Policies & Procedures – 2.19

Safe Pathways . . .Safety & Security

Safety Notification Alert Process


 Do You Remember?


Glad you have joined KCTCS!

Be sure to follow up with your HR representative to complete all necessary paperwork and benefit enrollment items.

Continue your Path to Success . . .


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